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Alto Saxophone..Angela TAXI THEME. 1950s 60s Berg Larsen mouthpiece

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To Whom it May Concern,
Berg Larsen Mouthpieces, March 2nd

I have played saxophone professionally for approx. 22 years. During most of that time I played primarily Alto with an Ebonite 110/1 mouthpiece and LaVoz medium reeds. I have often been complimented on my alto sound and I attribute it to hard work BUT, primarily an AWESOME mouthpiece by Berg Larsen. In the last 2 years I have been playing more Tenor Sax. The conventional wisdom is to use a Metal mouthpiece that costs 300 dollars or more....I tried them all...The Dukoff, VanDoren V16, Peter Ponzol just to name a few and I was never happy with the overall performance. Either the sound was too bright, too thin, to stuffy....altissimo was no good...whatever, I was not happy! Yesterday I received my Berg Larsen Ebonite 115/0 Tenor piece and LaVoz medium reeds and I had to write and praise you!!! My tenor has never sounded so full, fat and centred in all registers (including Altissimo)!!! WOW!!! I will never again play anything but Berg Larsen Ebonite...I am a true believer, an unwavering fan and a loyal user for the rest of my days!! Please pass this on to whomever needs to hear it...I thank you for your great craftsmanship...I pride myself in my sound and your mouthpieces play an enormous role!!

Thank You!!!

G. K. Ohio 43110 (USA)


Dear M.

8 June 2015

Thank you very much. I have used my Berg piece for 40 years. My dentist fixed it several times. I played it all over the world with different bands, mostly the Doobie Brothers! Check my youtube if you like. I tell younger players to stop searching for the latest because the greatest is already here. Thanks again for the best mouthpiece ever made.
 Danny Hull


Dear M.,

Just for the record, (for experimental purposes), I recently purchased a ..... rubber alto Mouthpiece. I ordered their most open model available. I played it—it felt horribly restricted. I had to use very hard reeds just to keep the Tip opening from shutting down on me. The air flowing through my sax was terribly restricted, and my tone sounded awful. I then played through one of my Bergs (110/3/M), and suddenly my horn came to Life again. Now, with the 115/2/M and the 120/3M you just sent me—the feeling of freedom of breath And tonal expression is even more impressive, and playing sax is a joy once again. There is just no other mouthpiece that plays like a Berg Larsen—it sounds better than one Can ever imagine—and you can completely dial in the sound you want and customize the measurements according to your Tastes. There is just no other mouthpiece that feels as free and comfortable and open, and Sounds as good as a Berg Larsen. For those who say they have not had good experiences with Bergs (and I have read a few On the sax forums on the Internet), I say they haven’t taken the time to Truly explore their own potential. Most people underestimate the amount of tip opening that they can play through. As with Plas Johnson, I recommend the greatest tip opening possible, and, if necessary, going To a much softer reed. A greater tip opening allows more air to travel through the mouthpiece. The greater the volume of air is allowed to travel through the mouthpiece, and on into the horn, The fuller the sound of the horn, and the greater the volume options, as well as the greater the range of notes that can Be played and fully supported by the breath, especially in the altissimo range, as well as the low notes. I have found that with Berg Larsen's, you can play with the most unrestricted breath possible, and have the sweetest, fattest, fullest, roundest sound possible, and Still dial in the about of edge you want, depending on what sound and feeling you are seeking. No other mouthpiece company puts together such flexibility, allowing for a musician’s individual ability to customize the type of sound desired. Also, no other company explains the mouthpiece selection process as it relates to sound so scientifically and clearly as Berg Larsen.

DR. Arthur Brownstein, (USA) 7 October 2008.


Hey M..., I been so busy enjoying my duckbill. I been meaning to email you back to thank you so much. I just love it.

it makes my work a so much better M. you are THE MAN.

Marty Saxman Montgomery, 3rd december 2008


“Just wanted to thank you again for the most AMAZING mouthpiece! I had a blast-10 times better than I could have hoped for.”
Kaye, Boston


Not only are the Berg Larsen's the best Mouthpieces in the world, but the Berg Larsen Reeds are also, far and away, the best reeds I have ever played on (with?) in my brief 50 years as a woodwindist.

Dr. A. Br., Princeville, HI 96722, HAWAII, USA.


From: sean mckinnon
Sent: 29 May 2013 18:27
Subject: received

Hi Berg Larsen Team,

I would just like to give you all a huge thanks, I just received my new Berg Larsen "Vintage" model 130/0 SMS mouthpiece this morning and I love it.

All the best!

Sean McKinnon


I bought a new Selmer Mark 6 tenor and a Berg Larsen 105 over 3 M stainless steel mouthpiece in 1960.  My Mark 6 didn't make it through an accident in 1962 but I still play on my Berg Larsen.  I don't think I could ever have found a better mouth piece.  It is 56 years old and still in great shape.

I will be turning 74 this year and still playing.  I play in our church praise band along with 3 or 4 gigs a month on average.  


Thanks for making such a great product.  


Wayne Lemon

St. Joseph, MO